Dream it, Feel it, Be it

I know this to be true:
If you can Dream it in precise detail,
If you can Feel it as if it has already occurred,
If you Act in alignment with it: do whatever it takes
It will happen.
This is the law of the Universe.


You are a Miracle!

Yes, you are a MIRACLE! Never before nor ever again will there be another one of you in all of Creation. And this life you’re living?…..well it’s supposed to be a brilliantly bright, dazzling expression of all that you are. So, just do it. Stop putting it off, stop getting busy with other things and saying ‘one day’. Just get out there!! Get out there with your crazy, genius ideas that you’re passionate about and shine your light brightly……today, tomorrow and every day you have left of this gift of being alive!


For the Love of Trees

Take these soulful words of Robert G. MacFarlane into your heart.

“Heartwood”, a tree’s heartwood is its innermost core. I wrote this poem (song, charm-against-harm) for any tree anywhere that faces unjust felling – and especially for the street trees of Sheffield. The art is by Nick Hayes. It is free to use, print, speak, sing… Please share. – Rob MacFarlane

Your Magnificent True Nature

When you were born, you had what is called Pure Consciousness.
Pure Consciousness/Pure Mind is a Field of Infinite Possibilities:
It is a Field of Infinite Correlation
It is at one with all that exists
It is a Field of Intentionality
A Field of Creativity
Of Love
Of Joy
Of Interconnectedness
And Intimacy with the Universe

When you have total self-knowledge, total self-awareness, when you have that total self-love, then there is no limit to what you can think of, dream of, what you can imagine, what you can create, what you can become.

-Deepak Chopra