There’s more to life than ‘going through the motions’


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Kristina Jansz Life SkillsYour life is meant to be a dazzling expression of all that you are! There was a time when you knew this to be true. You committed to each moment with your entire being. Your heart was wide open, you believed everything was possible and the radiance of this knowledge shone in your face and sparkled in your eyes! That was before you were …..Read more


What will your choice be?


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cotgmuyxyaacmubI was deeply touched by a comment I just read on a wonderful blog I follow, The Paths of the Spirit. I think the author of the comment speaks to a feeling many of us currently have, so much so, that I thought I’d share it. Here is the comment followed by my reply:

TP: “I do so wish you & everyone a great New Year but to be honest there appears to be a ever increasing amount of anger in the world. I wish we could put all these angry people on one big island out in the middle of no where. My New Years wish.”

My Reply: Dear TP,  Your comment touched my heart. I truly understand your concern. There is much out there that is so deeply concerning!! But I remind myself that darkness cannot remain dark in the presence of Light and with this understanding, we find ourselves in a place of incredible power. Our personal responsibility now is to stand in Light, no matter what, to not give our power away to fear. You’ve heard it before: Whatever you put your attention on, becomes Reality. Quantum physics, The Secret, all sacred philosophies throughout time, reinforce the same truth, that our vibration (our beliefs, emotions and behaviours) create our reality. So my prayer and my deepest hope for 2017 is that each of us reconnects with the truth within, that we remember once again the great and triumphant nature of our Spirits and that we have the courage to stand in that truth, one that connects all of us at the highest of levels, and never step out of it. With this we have, at the most profound level of being, the capacity to create a world of higher consciousness.

Oceans of blessings to you for a 2017 filled with Hope, Joy and Wonderment!!

The 12 Principles of Spiritual Intelligence – Dana Zohar



12 Principles of Spiritual Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence,imageThe 12 Principles of Spiritual Intelligence is truly one of the most inspiring talks I’ve heard in a long time!

Dana Zohar  speaks with such an extraordinary depth of Intelligence and Integrity. She most definitely describes the qualities of a world I want to live in and help create. I believe everyone can take away something relevant from what she says here.

How important is Attitude in shaping your life?



A Positive Attitude,imageIf what you put your attention on, becomes your Reality, then there’s no question that your Attitude plays an enormous part in not only determining your success but also your happiness. Here are some great points to consider from Dr. Travis Bradberry, on whether Attitude is more important than IQ.

The Stickiness of Attachment: The BIG trap door we fall through


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Attachment,Letting Go,imageAwareness is 80% of the Journey so understanding this one point about Attachment will go a long way to helping you solve the riddle as to why unwanted themes are repeating themselves in your life. Click here to read more….