Nature is an extraordinary healer. So, kick your shoes off and walk on dew soaked moss, sit down on a forest floor, lean against a tree. In whatever way feels best for you, get as close to Nature as you can and then, be still.


Rise Up!
















Out of a sea of infinite possibilities you were born into this world. Unique, extraordinary and brilliant in more ways than you can imagine.
The survival mechanisms and defense mechanisms that kept you safe brought you to this point, but you’ve outgrown them now and what was once your protection, has now become your prison.
The frustration and agitation you’re feeling signal that a quickening of life is taking place deep inside you. A part of you that had been dormant, is awakening. LISTEN to the pulse beat of your Soul telling you that it won’t be held back anymore. The time is now for you to step out from behind those walls!
So, rise up. RISE UP!! Summon your courage and take flight into your destiny and be who you were born to be. Stand in your Light, wearing your truth for all to see and shine brightly, beautiful extraordinary being! 💖

‘The Past has no power over the Present moment’ ….unless you allow it. Therefore, how important it is, to make the unconscious, Conscious. A simple way to activate this evolutionary process is to question why you do things. And keep asking, peel back the layers, until you get down the the Home Truth behind that belief or behaviour. There you will find the Present moment and the emotions governing your experience of it. There is the place where you can transform your fear into Love,

…….which is the reason why you are alive.

April 5th workshop: Letting Go!

You don’t want to miss this workshop!

There is a Universe of wisdom in Letting Go of that which no longer serves your highest good: Scarcity, negative thought patterns, behaviours, relationships but the thought of doing so can be scary. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of having engaged with the old behaviours for so long that you don’t know how to Let Go.

The information you’ll receive in this fabulous workshop will teach you tangible ways to Let Go of old patterns and dynamically create the life you want to be living. Quite honestly, this one skill will put you in the driver’s seat of your life!!……more

Don’t miss it!!


The Importance of Meditation


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There is no question in my mind that empowering children with Meditation: the ability to remain centered, grounded, calm, clear-minded, focused, confident, healthy, able to manage stress and pause before reacting, is essential to their overall preparation for life. A responsible and intelligent educational system will ensure that it is part of the curriculum.

March 8th Workshop: The Difference between Saving and Loving

This is truly one of the most important Relationship Skills I teach. It has the ability to quickly re-balance relationships, especially in those where one person feels like they are carrying most of the load and most importantly, help you reset your personal relationship pattern.

The information in this amazing workshop will help you re-write the blueprint of your relationship and create one where the needs of both are known, respected and met.

The relationships that I’ve seen absolutely thrive with this information are: Adult partnerships, Parent/teen-young adult relationships, Adult sibling relationships and Adult friendships.

Don’t miss it!!



Workshop Topic: Restoring Balance in Your Relationship: the Difference between Saving and Loving

Date: Thursday, March 8, 2018

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Location: 80 Bradford St, suite 804, Barrie, Ontario

Fee: $60

Seating is limited. Call or email now to reserve your place.

705 794-9900








3 Keys to Mastering Your Life


3 Keys to Mastering your Life

If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll know that this is not going to be a superficial workshop! It is powerful, insightful, engaging and will give you 3 critically important concepts with which to create your life.

Despair is not your true nature. Fear is not your Truth. Rise up! Your higher nature is calling you! Use these 3 Keys to solve the biggest riddles in life, and get there.

Workshop Topic: 3 Keys to Mastering Your Life

Date: Saturday, Feb 24th, 2018

Time: 10am – 12pm

Location: 80 Bradford St, suite 804, Barrie, Ontario

Fee: $60

Seating is limited. Call or email now to reserve your place.

705 794-9900

Testimonial “I hardly slept last night as I was on such a high! The workshop about the Three Keys was so enlightening! It has given me even more incentive and courage to keep going! Through your teaching of the Three Keys I was able to understand the concept as you took the mystery out of the mastery! I will be using the handouts on a daily basis. From a most grateful heart, Gale”