A New Beginning


Breathe life into your Dreams

I get to work with truly, the most amazing people! They dare to dream that their lives are meant to be more than going through the motions. They choose to break out of restrictive molds and experience the fullness of life, breathing their most beautiful dreams into Reality. Here’s a recent email I received from one of them. It’s just incredible what’s she’s doing with her life!!

Hi Kristina,

I know I haven’t been in touch in ages but you’re always on my mind. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I met you and how much my life has changed. I still have my ups and downs but your voice and the lessons I learned from you are always in my head.

And so after almost 12 years here in Spain I have found myself feeling unsettled and discontent. And this time had been totally different because instead of accepting those feelings and continuing on, I’ve been able to finally find the courage to face my next challenge. I’ve been accepted to teach English at a women’s medical university in Saudi Arabia at the end of August. Even typing those words gives me the familiar rush of excitement and fear I felt 12 years ago when I was doing the same thing coming here to Spain.

So thank you again for everything because everything you helped me with is what has helped me take this next step. And I know that 12 years from now – wherever I find myself – I’ll be looking back on my amazing journey and thanking you still.

I hope you’re well and still loving the journey of your life – making everyone else’s life the beat it can be.

Sending you LOVE and gratitude.

Message from Kristina: I really believe that if Traci could talk to you directly, she would say, that if she can do it, so can you. She would tell you not to settle for less and that, even though you might not be able to see it right now, things really can change in wonderful, extraordinary ways!

image: ysabel lemay

Your Dominant Frequency = Your World

Do everything with Love. In a world where it might feel that you don’t have say in what’s taking place, it seems that you actually do. Rise up to the highest level of Love you can imagine and, stay there. Do everything from this mind set/ attitude. Maintain this frequency despite everything that tries to pull you out of it and the Law of the Universe states that you, and the world as you experience it, will become Love. Now, you just know what a field day your ego is going to have with this!!……..but do it anyway and see what happens. You will be amazed!! Nikola Tesla said: “If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.” Albert Einstein said: “Everything is Energy. Match the frequency of the Reality you want and you cannot help but get that Reality. It can be no other way.”

Your world and your experience of it, is determined by your dominant frequency. Your power lies in that you get choose which frequency it will be!! So, needless to say, be extremely attentive to what you’re dialing into: thoughts, feelings etc. Do everything with Love and watch what happens!