For greater Fulfillment, should your Career Path be Multifaceted?

Thankfully, we no longer live in a time where you have to limit yourself to one career focus for your ENTIRE life. You are a multifaceted, multi-talented and multi-skilled being who is in a continual state of growth and evolution. Read more…


Pay Attention to the Slow Drift

True story. Many years ago, I was vacationing in the Caribbean. I was in the water floating on my back, looking at the beautiful sky, the sun warming me, and feeling all the stress wash away……ahhh.

It felt so peaceful, that I stayed like that for a while. What I didn’t realize is that I was caught in a rip tide. Read more…

Wisdom from a Meadow

Never was a meadow imagined
with only one flower,
Nor the world with
just one race,
Seize then, the vision
the intelligence
and the grace.
-kristina jansz
Note: In my humble opinion, Nature is one of the greatest teachers on the planet. When our intelligence fails us, perhaps we should take our direction from her.

It will take all of us

With regard to where our world is today, and of all the possible frequencies that are available for me to choose from, I am holding the vision/frequency of a world where all life is valued and treated with respect, where we understand that we are stronger and enriched because of our differences, where we live together in Peace.

I ask that you do this with me. The more people holding the same frequency, the greater the chance of it manifesting.


photo credit: this beautiful photo was taken by mark littlejohn


Truer today, more than ever

Here’s the point where dynamic change can occur.

Think about how you would like to be treated: respectfully, with kindness and thoughtfulness, with honesty and loyalty, acknowledged, appreciated and accepted for who you are, your feelings considered and your opinions valued, encouraged to move through your fears, supported in becoming your best self. Loved. This is how 99.9% of the people I’ve met want to be treated.

Now think about those relationships or interactions where you are able to justify treating a person in a manner that is less than that.

Right there in that gap, between how you want to be treated and how you can justify treating others, is where transformational growth can happen. When you close that gap, your world will change.

To a much greater extent than our words, it is our behaviour that will dictate our future.

This applies to the world stage as well. When we heal the separation between how we want to be treated and how we treat others, our world will change.

This conversation has to happen

Over the past several days, I’ve been reaching out and opening up conversations on racism. One of the people I spoke to is a Caucasian mother of 2 young biracial children and what she said really stood out for me. I’ve also invited others into this conversation. Click here to read it, and I invite you to participate in it, too!