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As a starting point, here is a brief explanation but in fact this whole site is dedicated to the understanding of this concept and way of life.

Your Soul is the part of you that is Eternal, it shines with the light of a thousand suns. It is the part of you that exists in a state of wholeness, of Love.

Through your Soul, you are connected to all that is and all that is possible. Your Soul exists in a state of abundance. It does not know loss or separation. It exists without shame, fear or inhibitions. The brilliance of all that you are and all that you can possibly be, resides in your Soul.

Once here, you no longer have to look outside of yourself for Love and you don’t have to wonder whether you’re good enough to deserve it. All of this, and more than you can imagine is within you and it is your divine right and the purpose of your life to reclaim it.

To take root in, to inhabit and live this life from your Soul as your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual center of gravity, is Soul Conscious Living. It is living from the part of you that is Eternal while you are here in a finite reality.

It is a state of Being. It means that while you acknowledge your individuality, you identify and live from a deep sense of connectedness to all life. There is no separation between you and others. Your relationships with all things and beings take on a quality of sacredness. Your understanding and capacity to Love greatly transcends the fear-based and limited dynamic you once knew.

Everything becomes an act of love whether it’s chopping carrots, hearing the pain in a friend’s heart or simply breathing. Everything is an expression of love.

It is, at one and the same time, intensely connecting and immensely freeing. You know beyond any capacity to describe it, that you are finally Home.

From here, everything flows with effortless perfection. Here you are connected to all Being, all Intelligence and all Knowing. Deepak Chopra refers to it as the “Frictionless flow of Intelligence”.

All struggle ends and everything becomes possible.