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Soul Conscious Living also means that all actions originate from a place of Love so, it comes as no surprise that this applies to eating as well.

 You can be eating the healthiest foods on the planet but if you are doing so from a place of fear: what you will look like if you don’t, feeling like a failure, trying to fit in with the latest food trend, feeling not good enough so you hyper-focus on eating well in order to feel better about yourself etc. then you’re really not much further ahead. Sure, you’re doing less damage to your body than if you were eating toxic food but that’s not the only thing to take into consideration.

 We now know that thoughts create Reality and these toxic, fear-based beliefs do as much damage to your body as toxic foods would. They are flooding your body with corrosive negative thinking and damaging stress hormones all of which make it a hostile environment for the delicate energy of your Soul to inhabit.

 One of the things I find myself doing when I am preparing a meal is taking the time to connect with the spirit of the plants I am using. For instance, if I am cutting up a lemon I take a moment to connect with this extraordinary soul that manifested here on earth as a lemon tree. I connect with what it experienced as a little bud, then bursting open into a gorgeous flower, how its soul sang with joy and released its beautiful fragrance, how it felt in the warmth of the sun and the cooling rain. I think of how it was pick and transported with so many others and somehow, miraculously, found its way to me. I think of how blessed I am that our lives have come together in this way. For me, this acknowledges and honours its spirit and receives it with Love.

 Another way I choose to honour the food I am nourishing myself with is to eat slower and mindfully. To be fully present in the union with awareness and gratitude allows me to eat, a 3-dimensional activity, in a way that resonates with Soul Conscious integrity.

 These are some of the ways I choose to eat. You have to find the way that works best for you but whatever you decide to eat, whether you’re an omnivore, carnivore, a raw vegan or a grill king, do it with Love. Handle, prepare and consume what you eat from the deepest place of love, reverence and gratitude for the life with which you are nourishing yourself.

There’s even more to Conscious Eating! I hope you’ll get a chance to read Part 3.