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You have to be Light to reside in Light.

 Like attracts like. The world of the Soul is one of Light. The only way you can cross into the world of Light is as Light because all other frequencies are too heavy and dense. If your goal is to live a soul-centered life, it is critical to focus on raising your frequency to one of Light.

 To do so, begin to identify the things that A. raise your frequency and B. lower it. The next step may seem obvious: participate in A. and discontinue B.

 To help get you started with this, I thought I’d share some of my A’s and B’s with you.

 Things that raise my frequency: Daily spiritual practice: prayer, meditation, spiritual writing, spiritual reading, eating fresh vibrant foods, sunshine, blue skies, fresh air, exercise, my dogs, peaceful and beautiful environments, beautiful music, Beauty in all its forms, Nature, flowers,  exercising my healthy, enthusiastic and curious mind, great friends, joy and laughter, positive and inspiring people, stimulating conversations,  making a difference in the world, photography, art/artists/the creative process, softness, gentleness and kindness……. just to name a few.

 Things that lower my frequency:  Disconnection from my daily spiritual practice, dense heavy foods (read my Soul Conscious Eating entry for more detail), toxic air / pollution, too much time in congested environments, violence and aggression in all its forms: people, TV, online, books and the news, toxic/negative people, people who drain my energy, allowing my boundaries to be violated, stagnation of mind and body, participating in negative emotions, disconnection from Nature.

 Whatever you put your attention on will become your Reality. Therefore, the goal is to think Light, feel Light, eat Light, speak Light, walk Light and be Light because the only way you can exist in a world of Light is AS Light.