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Soul Conscious Living means that you are profoundly aware that you live in relationship with everything and that each of these relationships must be honoured.

 The next step in Soul Conscious Eating is to enter into a conscious and respectful relationship with what you eat.

 How often have you ‘whipped’ into the grocery store, ‘grabbed’ some produce only to have it rot in the fridge and discarded without a thought a few weeks later? I think we’ve all done this at one time or another. It’s certainly not how I would want to be treated. So begin with buying only what you need, what you know you will value and use completely. Going to the grocery store with this intention and following through on it definitely treats the food you have purchased with respect. It also costs less.

 Grow what you can or make sure it has been grown well. I find that I now eat very few things that come from cans or boxes. When I buy fresh produce I do everything possible to select items that are organic and have been grown close to home. This can be pretty challenging given our Canadian winters, but I do my best. Local television shows are great for showcasing organic farms and small specialty growing operations that focus on growing quality foods.

 This winter I began growing micro greens and sprouting. It was so much easier to do than I had anticipated! I started with my dinning room table, two glass pie plates, potting soil and some seeds. That was it! It took next to no time to maintain, everything could be done while I was waiting for the kettle to boil for my morning tea. Most of all, I was so surprised at how much joy and appreciation it brought me. And the food quality? Unbelievable!

 To eat in a Soul Conscious way you will want to set aside time to prepare your food so it can be done slowly, mindfully and lovingly. Yes, it’s true that it takes a more time than opening a can of food, but the quality is so much higher, the experience is greater and the relationship is honoured. Remember, in Soul Conscious Living you make every act an act of love and this includes food preparation.

 You may be wondering how do you make something like this work in a busy life? I had those concerns, too.

 As with all efforts to change behaviours, it’s best to start by taking small steps. Don’t try to do everything at once! You may want to begin by changing how you approach one particular meal of the day and see how that goes. If you live with others, it also gives them a chance to adjust to the change. Work your way up to making more changes when you feel it’s manageable.

 What works best for me is to prepare most of my meals and snacks in the morning. In all honesty it only takes ½ an hour or so to do this. On Sundays, I spend time preparing things for the upcoming week that my morning weekday hours don’t permit. I want to emphasize that this is what works best for my lifestyle and it might not work for your busy schedule. Just be open to trying new ways until you find one that what works best for you.

 Eating the food that has been lovingly grown and prepared now becomes a sacred act. Be fully present with gratitude and appreciation for what you are eating. Turn off the computers and television, put down the electronics, keep difficult conversations for a later moment and allow your thoughts to be peaceful as you take the time to enjoy your meal.

 As you raise your connection with food to the higher frequency of a sacred partnership you’ll find that, just like ripples fanning out from a pebble dropped in a pond, this frequency will flow from you to others. Create a greater sense of community by sharing with family, friends and neighbours, invite them into your experience, share your knowledge and make a personal connection with your local farmers and markets. Let them know that all their efforts are appreciated!

 In a nutshell:

  • Buy only what you need
  • Grow what you can or make sure it has been grown well
  • Prepare it slowly and mindfully
  • Make eating a sacred time
  • Create Community