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DAily Practice ‘Where you look you will go’, the life’s lesson I learned the hard way while horseback riding. I was looking at the ground instead of the jump ahead of me. Ouch!  The lesson I learned that day was that no matter how much you want to achieve a goal, if you do not align your behavior with it, it will not happen.

 Between where you are now and where you want to be, there will be times when you are distracted, tired or ill, when the demands at work are overwhelming, when relationships are in crisis or there is a death of a loved one. All of these make it difficult to remain enthusiastically engaged in and focused on your goal.

 One of the most important things you could ever do to create a Soul Conscious life, or achieve any goal for that matter, is to set up a Daily Practice. It creates a structure that helps keep you focused, oriented and grounded during a period of transition. Additionally, it is highly effective during times of stress and distraction because it allows you to deal with whatever has come up in your life without sacrificing your goal and something that is important to you.

 Each time you engage in your Daily Practice, you press a reset button that tells your mind, heart and body to come back into alignment and focus with your goal. This is extremely important because ‘where you look you will go’. If you allow your attention to be distracted, it’s distraction that you’ll manifest. If you are focused on creating a Soul Conscious life, then that’s what you’ll create.

 I cannot express this more clearly than what was given to me by my guide:

 Be it strongly, with Intent

With Precision, with Integrity

And it will come to you.

This is the Law of the Universe.

 Stepping out of your comfort zone and reaching for something more is a significant step in your personal evolution. It takes time, energy, effort and commitment, and that can be more than little daunting when you are already living a demanding life.  Fortunately, there’s something you can do to set yourself up for success in this endeavor.

 A Daily Practice will make you far more successful at reaching your goal than if you don’t have one. As well, should you get off track with your goal (which happens to everyone), you will be able to get back on track much faster because your Daily Practice will begin to feel like your normal state of being.

 My next posting will give you some ideas for creating your Daily Practice.