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 To be precise, is the Hunger for what you want: goals, dreams, quality of life etc., greater than the Fears that hold you back from creating them?

 To bring anything of value into being, especially that of creating a soul-centered life, you have to be willing to go through the Void.

 The Void is the space that exists between where you are now and where you want to be. It triggers your greatest fears, is the root cause of most self- sabotaging behaviour and the reason why many people do not reach their full potential.

 Take a look around you right now; computer, cell phone, light bulbs, all of them at one time or another, did not exist. The fact that they are here now is testimony to certain people having had the courage to hold onto their vision of what could be possible and walk through the Void in order to bring them into being.

 As you listen to the call of your Soul telling you there is so much more to Life than what you’re living, and you take those courageous steps out of the old familiar paradigm, you enter the Void.

 Now you are no longer on familiar territory. You are also not yet firmly and safely rooted in the new paradigm and this can bring up a lot of different feelings.

 At first, there is a sense of excitement, hope and enthusiasm about this newfound freedom but eventually the unfamiliarity will create periods of disorientation, doubt and perhaps even thoughts of turning back. At times you may feel very alone and find that you no longer relate to those around you and this may make you feel vulnerable, insecure and panicky. There may also be moments when you are just so exhausted from trying that the journey to soul-centeredness, or any other goal, seems too far away.

 While these are not the kind of things you would want to voluntarily subject yourself to, they are in fact, the defining characteristics of Evolution. They are going to happen, that’s a given. The real question is whether your desire/ hunger for soul-centeredness is greater than all of this.

  Are you willing to get uncomfortable? Are you willing to make big mistakes and keep on going? Are you willing to feel completely ungrounded, uncertain and alone, and still want to reach your goal more than anything?  “Yes!!” you say? That voice, that clear, brilliant voice that shouted out from the depths of your being is the triumphant sound of a courageous human spirit  not willing to give up,  ready to walk through fear, resistance, roadblocks, anything in order to reach for something greater beyond the safety net and in doing so, Evolve.

 So, there will be fear and discomfort, we all experience it, but your hunger for soul-centeredness has to be greater than that fear. The reason why you must kick yourself free from the emotional undertow of fear, is because this is the only way you can grow into your full potential and the breathtaking beauty of your Truth.