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I can’t think of one single person on the planet who couldn’t benefit from this today. Click here and take the next 2 minutes (or much longer, if you  prefer) to Listen…….Breathe……..Let Go………..Allow……….and simply Be……..

Can you imagine what would happen if everyone did this today? There would be a greater sense of calm in the hearts, minds, bodies and actions of all people and as a result, this Earth would know more Peace.

Pausing helps you  re-center yourself so that you can hear your truth, connect with your heart, calm your mind and bring needed rest to your body. It allows you to respond mindfully giving deeper meaning to your actions, and greatly facilitates meaningful, respectful communication.

Will it be possible for you to go from living at break-neck speed to being fully present in every single moment? Probably not, however small steps repeated consistently over time create profound and long lasting change.

So take time out to Pause as often as you can during the course of a day. Right now it may only be for a couple of minutes at a time and that’s okay, for instance while sipping your morning coffee or sitting at a traffic light. Be in this moment as if nothing else in the Universe exists but this moment.

Ask your senses to shake off their drowsiness and fully experience everything that is happening. Challenge yourself to discover beauty in each of these moments. Dare yourself to find something for which you are truly grateful.  In doing so you will greatly increase the value and meaning of each moment you’re living and ultimately the quality of your life.

Begin with the link I’ve given you above. Two minutes. That’s all it takes.