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I recently stumbled upon an excellent lecture given by by Dr. Deepak Chopra that I’d like to share with you. Click here to read the transcription.

It is filled with fascinating and compelling information supporting the thought that you do not have to remain stuck in old, toxic patterns of beliefs and behaviours:

“Humans have become “bundles of conditioned reflexes” constantly re-stimulated and triggered by media, people and circumstances into the same quantum events, biochemical events, behavioral outcomes and life experiences. We become the “victims” of the same repetition of worn-out memories. The irony is that your tormentor today is yourself leftover from yesterday. However, imagine if the building we are in is made of brick, and you had the ability to change every brick in the building once a year……..”

In his lecture, Dr. Chopra  explains in detail how you are so much more that the mindless repetition of memories, that in fact you are constantly changing, connected to a vast field of pure potential and have the power to be whomever you choose to be.