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One night, about 25 years ago,  I had a dream. In it I was shown the Earth, our little blue-green home floating in space, and surrounding it from some distance away was a radiant sphere of light.

In this dream my guide directed  my attention to the sphere of light. From a distance it looked like a softly glowing, silvery gold orb but as I looked closer I could see that there were many lines running north-south as well as around it in what we would recognize as longitudinal and latitudinal lines. These lines glowed with a commanding intensity.

At the intersection of each latitude and longitude lines, there was a brilliantly bright pearl of light that shone even brighter than the intersecting lines. However,  they were more than just bright lights. Each pearl of light shone powerfully with love and consciousness. Each one was vibrant with life.

Imagine that sight, our Earth home surrounded by a bejeweled sphere of Light, suspended in space. I cannot even begin to describe the power of Love that emanated from it. It was like nothing I have ever seen on Earth and I was so completely filled with awe and deeply affected by its sheer beauty.

I asked my guide, “What is this Beauty? What am I looking at?” and I was told “This is the Peace World. This is the world into which Earth is growing. Each pearl of Light is a being on Earth who has evolved to a higher level of consciousness. All these lights surrounding the Earth  are those who are now living at this higher level of love and  awareness and by doing so, are holding the space into which Humanity and Earth will evolve. In time there will be millions and millions of Lights in this sphere and then there will come a point when there are so many living at this level of consciousness that a great and wondrous shift will take place. All the thoughts and interactions of everyone living at this higher plane will weave together a matrix  that is so focused and concentrated in power and intention, that this will become the new configuration of Earth, Humanity’s new Home. It will be a world of Peace.”

This dream was a transformational experience for me and without a doubt, helped crystallize the next stage of my personal evolution. It also represents the point on the horizon to which many are now steering but to be clear, the shift that my guide spoke of is not going to happen simply because of inspiring visions, it’s  going to happen through our moment to moment decisions to reach for something greater than safeguarding our self interests. By that I mean that we need to make revolutionary choices to reach for peace and a greater sense of love when our fears and pain are triggered in our daily lives.

With all our strength, determination and life force we need to break free from the undertow of negative beliefs and destructive patterns of behavior, to search for and find the beauty of the Peace World in every moment,  for that’s precisely where it exists, in every moment. And it’s by each of us first finding that place of peace within and then in our voices and actions that you and I, and all the others on this journey, will co-create our new Home.

There is an acceleration taking place and an excitement growing. Many people can feel it now. The shift is happening. More and more people are raising their awareness and doing whatever they can to raise the frequency of this world.

These are indeed, exciting times!