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 Peace World Radio LogoIt’s been some time since my last blog post but, my goodness, have I been busy! My last entry was about a dream I had and after writing that post, I knew I had to do more with it……. and I did!

I am so pleased to announce that Peace World Radio is now a reality!

Peace World Radio showcases incredible and courageous people who are stepping up and using their lives to make a difference in the world. These are people who think beyond what they were taught and have the courage to not settle for what’s easy and known. They are putting themselves out there, expanding our awareness of ourselves and our world, and often sacrificing so much to make a difference!

If you too, believe that a world of peace is possible and have been looking for inspiration to become part of this extraordinary step in the evolution of humanity, be sure to visit Peace World Radio and join the talk the world is having!