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Do you have a difficult time falling asleep because your mind won’t stop racing from one thought to another?

Would you like to be able to sit and be still with a quiet mind and experience a deep, restorative sense of Peace?

Here’s a little tip for quieting a racing mind that I’ve been using with great success. I began using it to experience a deeper state of meditation but found it to be so effective that I now use it to instantaneously disengage from negative thought patterns and emotional triggers as well as help me be fully present in the moment.

Used on a daily basis, it’s a fabulous way to train your brain to work for you. This one skill, combined with Conscious Breathing (scroll down) has the ability to create truly profound changes in how you experience Life.

Let’s begin:

Eventually you’ll be able to do this anywhere, at anytime, and with your eyes open but when starting out with this practice, it’s best to create a quiet environment where neither people nor electronics will disturb you. You can do this lying down or in a seated position, whatever is the most comfortable for you. Close your eyes and begin doing Conscious Breathing. This will activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System and set you up for success in quieting the mind.  If you’re unfamiliar with Conscious Breathing or simply need a refresher, scroll down and read the blog post I have on the topic.

After you have done 2 to 3 minutes (or longer, if you wish) of gentle, relaxed Conscious Breathing shift your focus to your earlobes. Yes, you read that correctly, your earlobes! Raise your fingers to your earlobes and gently ‘tweak’ them. Don’t pinch them or cause any discomfort, simply create enough of a physical sensation so that you know they are there.

After you’ve done this, place your arms in a restful position beside you and now focus your full attention on your earlobes. In particular, and this is the really important part, focus on both of your earlobes AT THE SAME TIME.

You may find that your mind resists doing this and wants to jump around in a restless manner. If this happens, don’t get frustrated, it’s completely normal to experience this when you’re beginning, just be persistent in returning your attention to focusing on both earlobes at the same time. While doing this, breathe in a gentle and relaxed manner.

The key to making long lasting changes of any kind is to start by taking small steps so begin doing ELF (EarLobe Focus) for about 20 seconds. Once you are able to do this well, i.e. your attention stays focused on both your earlobes at the same time without straying, start increasing the length of time.

The added benefit that I discovered is that the more I practice this, the greater the overall quality of my ability to focus. The reason why, I believe, is that I have broken the habit of my mind racing down those noisy, frenetic, neural pathways whenever it wants leaving mental chaos in its wake and as a result, my brain is simply a calmer and clearer place. What a great feeling!

Rarely does any one approach work for everyone but I do hope this works for you. Let me know how you do with it by posting your comments here!

Disclaimer: The information presented on the Soul Conscious Living blog is for educational purposes only and should not, in any way, be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. Be sure to consult with your health care professional before making any changes to your lifestyle.