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When we make the Choice to choose Love over fear, we engage our connection and merge with a higher, limitless source of Love and power. We take leave of our singular, particle-like, experience of life and enter into the waters of life, a sea of all possibilities, a place where everything IS possible and in the process of doing so we, ourselves, become so much more.

Here, we are free of the ties that once bound us to the old reality and it’s outcomes, and can now enter into union and exist in relationship with the desired Intention. According the laws of the universe, if we hold this frequency with Strength, with Precision and with Integrity, a new reality is born. The miracle of Love is made manifest ! The new frequency we resonate with, changes our surroundings like ripples spreading out into a pond when a pebble has been dropped into it. We have…. changed…. our ….Reality.

This is the power that lies in each and every one of us and why we must never, ever lose Hope.

Through the most challenging of circumstances, Roger McGowen,who spent 25 years on death row in Texas, has shown us how this can be done. Click here to listen to this incredible story.

My hope is that we will all take strength from his example and choose love over fear every chance we get and allow the miracle of Love to be made manifest in every corner of our world.