Counseling & Other Services

All counseling sessions are available through Office, Phone and Skype.

If you have ever had the feeling that there has to be more to life than what you’re living, then you’re on the right page! The services I offer here have helped change the lives of so many people and I would love the chance to help you do the same.


One on One Life Counseling

This insightful approach helps you to make constructive and deeply fulfilling changes to your life because it acknowledges and consults with your Higher Self, the part of you that holds the truths of who you are and why you’re here in this life. It’s like finally having all the chapters in a book. It finally makes sense! This insight is combined with pragmatic steps to achieve tangible results. The result is incredible!

Career/Destiny Counseling

It’s not just about having “a job”! You know this. It’s about getting on track with what you love and are gifted at doing, and as a result, using your life to make a difference. Trust me, when you are doing what you were born to do, it will NEVER feel like a job!  I’m speaking from experience! In combination with my years of helping people develop fulfilling careers, you have a powerhouse of focused energy working with you to get un-stuck.

Intuitive Perspectives from Guides

The insight is unbelievable! Your guides get right down to business and give you exactly what you need to know right now to get moving forward in your life. It is a never- ending source of guidance, insight and loving support. There’s not a single person out there who couldn’t use more of that.

For your convenience, payment for long-distance clients can be done through electronic money transfer.

Speaking Engagements

I would be so pleased to speak at your venue on any of the topics covered in this blog! Please contact me so that we can discuss things in detail.


Reiki: An amazingly effective light-touch, energy-based modality that is excellent for dealing with Stress, Anxiety, Exhaustion and overall Balancing of energy. As a Reiki Master, I am delighted to bring this gentle, non-invasive and profoundly effective way of promoting wellness and relaxation to the lives of my clients.

Workshops and Initiatives

•    ‘Connecting with your Spirit’ Workshops
•    Meditation Groups
•    Global and Community PEACE Initiatives

This is Intelligent and Insightful Counseling with the added benefit of seeing things from a MUCH greater perspective 

The reason why I am offering this dimension to my counseling practice is because we are made up of Mind, Body, Heart and Soul and in order to live a deeply fulfilling life, all aspects of our being must be nurtured and brought back into balance with each other.  
Depression, anxiety and stress often indicate a disconnection from one’s authentic, Higher Self and that is why it is so important to include it in the healing and transformation process.

The One on One Counseling sessions I offer do just that and the result is extraordinary:

•    The beautiful, radiant truth of who you are at the deepest level of your being effortlessly flows from you and your Life becomes a reflection of this truth

•    You draw to you relationships that value and respect your truth, the truth you have reclaimed and are passionately living

•    Your ‘job’ doesn’t feel like a job, you know that you’re fulfilling your destiny and doing what you came to this life to do

•    You feel vibrantly and joyously connected with your life……. at last!  Life has meaning and purpose and you are dynamically engaged in it

•    You live in Peace

This is how you were meant to live. It IS possible!

I’m looking forward to connecting with you and using the gifts I have been given to help you live the life you were born to live!

The content of this website is aimed at providing information for educational purposes only and in no is way meant to diagnose or treat concerns. Please contact your health care practitioner before using any of the information provided in this site. As such, Kristina Jansz, Titans International Inc. and all its Representatives are released from any and all liability for and waive any and all claims for liability, injury, illness, loss, death, damages, expense, including lawyer’s fees, or other loss in any way connected with the reader’s participation in the Counseling and Coaching Programs, Services and Activities, whether or not caused in whole or in part by the negligence including gross negligence or other by Kristina Jansz, Titans International Inc. or its Representatives.


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