A couple of important thoughts I would like to share with you…..

I truly hope that you will find some of the posts in this site useful. In it, I share what I consider to be some of the most important things that I’ve learned, so far, on my spiritual journey. My hope is that in sharing what I’ve experienced and learned, it may make your journey a little easier.

Some of the content might speak to you now, and some may be of help to you later on but remember, the most important thing of all is for you to find your Truth.

Don’t believe everything people say, including what I have written here.  Don’t give your power away to anyone or anything outside of yourself.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you yearn for, everything you have been seeking and need to know right now, plus more than you can possibly imagine, is inside you. That’s where your power lies.

If what I have written in my blog speaks to you, that’s absolutely wonderful, but please use it simply as a tool to help you discover your Truth.

As well…….

Throughout my life I have drawn insight and inspiration from many different expressions of spirituality. You will notice in some of my posts that I use the words Heaven, God, Great Spirit, Buddha, Nature, Soul, Christ, Christ Consciousness, etc. Please know that I am not using these terms in a Religious context.  I am speaking from a spiritual point of view.

Namaste!   ~ Kristina


1 thought on “Note”

  1. RoseMary Squires said:

    Interesting, just as I am doing a cleanse and learning about raw organic foods positive effects you send me this informative Link. I believe we are truly connected. Kristina you have presented some excellent, from the heart and soul, information. Thank you for sharing. Miss you. Love, RoseMary


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