“Kristina is a master at her work. Her thoughtful, patient and loving approach to counseling is clearly based on years of personal experience, but more importantly an undeniable need to share her gifts, insight and intuition. My personal experience with her has allowed me to connect with my highest self, explore my dreams, goals, fears and to feel supported as I move through life changes. My life changed dramatically since starting our journey together as coach and student in 2008. I have found a deeper sense of personal power and acceptance, I have found my voice and an ability to connect with my true path in life. I can easily describe the positive effects of our work together as I observe what I have created in my life today. I hope to continue to learn and grow with Kristina’s support and assistance for many more years to come. I can’t thank her enough for the beautiful gift of ‘life’ she has given me. I only hope and wish that many more people can benefit from her knowledge as have I.” – Lisa Clark

“I woke up this morning in Barcelona, Spain and went to work at a job I love in a building 5 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea. I will spend my morning finishing off classes with some of my favorite students as the school year ends, catch up with some friends over coffee in a pretty, little plaza before running home to pack and head to the airport. This afternoon I’ll fly to Geneva, Switzerland to work for the month of July, as I have for the past 3 years, teaching in a private boarding school in the Swiss Alps. I never knew my life could be like this. I wish I could go back in time and tell the “me” 10 years ago what my life had in store for me – to tell “me” not to give up hope – that things were waiting that I couldn’t even imagine yet. That’s what working with Kristina was like – talking to someone that sees in your future all the light and possibilities you can’t imagine for yourself yet – and who helps you get there.” – Traci Dailey

“My name is Dawna Woodliffe and I am 68 years old. Over the years of my life I have seen more that a few counsellors and at the time I always looked for someone who could help me find and continue on my path. Not an easy task! I have been seeing Kristina for over five years now and she has helped me through some difficult times including the death of my mother. Kristina is a person I can cry with but also laugh with. Even more though, she has nourished my spirit and soul with her insight and warm energy. I believe that Kristina  is genuinely excited about my thoughts and dreams. I come away from her believing that it is vital for human beings to have a full and meaningful life no matter what their age. Kristina treats others with respect and honour and when you walk into her space you feel that immediately. Once you meet Kristina you will understand how much more there is to you than what shows on the outside.  She truly is a gifted person who has guided me in my search for a simple, healthy, accomplished life; a life in which each person, no matter where they are starting from, can see their way forward and can continue to grow. I consider Kristina a teacher, spiritual guide and a friend but also someone who is on her own journey and fortunately, her journey and mine are intertwined. Thank you, Kristina.” –Dawna Woodliffe


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